NIVEA FOR MEN: marketing plan

The Nivea brand is one of the most recognized skin and beauty care brands in the world. Nivea for Men developed a fuller range of male skincare products. This reflected the growing social acceptance of these products with male consumers. The good thing is that the brand was able to exploit its knowledge of the skincare market. Nivea used a research team so that they can know what a good product is or target consumer in a market.

Looking at the SWOT analysis of Nivea for Men, I believe that their decision of making a new product is a good idea. They seemed to have new ideas of what to offer the market so that they can survive. It is important to get the promotional balance right. Nivea for Men promoted the new launches of its products through mixture of above-the-line and below-the-line promotion. The use of sports is the key element here. They supported football events at a gross-roots level through its partnership with Powerleague to build positive relationships with men. It allowed the brand to build and maintain a consistent dialogue with men, which helps to drive sales.

     But this article shows the product of Nivea which focuses only to the skin care and the men. Isn’t this a marketing myopia? As a have learned from the past articles and blogs I made, I realized that this is not just another marketing myopia. It is because they have long-term plans and strategies. Marketing myopia explained that if that product is the product of the company. They only focuses on that one and they don’t look at different angles or perspectives. But this article, the Nivea for men, shows that it is just a branch of the expanding marketing of a firm.

This long term plan and strategies are connected to McKitterick. And this is shown in the marketing pan of Nivea. They used a SWOT analysis to help it assess the market and to show the stability of the market. Nivea for men came up with different strategies and tactics to make the company better. They did used the 4 P’s(promotion, pricing, product and place). They studied the market very well. And that is a good thing.

The marketing plan of Nivea for Men for re-launch used past performance and forecast data to create a new marketing strategy. This built on the branch and company’s strengths to take advantage of the increasing change of male attitudes to using skincare products.

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Marketing: in a customer oriented view and in a product oriented view.

One of the articles given to us is the “Marketing Myopia” by Theodore Levitt. This article deals with the lack of vision by executives and the mistaken assumptions and beliefs that take hold widely in industry. Most industries have fallen under the shadow of mismanagement. They usually show selling, not marketing. This is a mistake, because selling focuses on the needs of the seller, whereas marketing concentrates on the needs of the buyer.

The railroads serve as an example of an industry whose failure to grow is due to a limited market view. Those behind the railroads are in trouble not because the need for passenger transportation has declined or even because cars, airplanes, and other modes of transport have filled that need. Rather, the industry is failing because those behind it assumed they were in the railroad business rather than the transportation business. They were railroad oriented instead of transportation oriented, product oriented instead of customer oriented.

One of the examples that Levitt have stated is Ford. Ford is not the same as the railroad example. It is because Ford is a costumer oriented not product oriented. Even if Henry Ford is senseless because he refused to give the customers anything but black car, he is still brilliant because he fashioned a production system designed to fit the market. He introduced the mass production. Levitt stated that ‘the profit lure of mass production obviously has a place in the plans and strategy of business management, but it must always follow hard thinking about customer.’ Mass production is the way of Henry Ford to have the price of the cars is lowered. In that way he has presented that his organization is not in a myopic view.

Marketing myopia did not show balanced position. It shows problems not like Kotler and Mckitterick. Kotler and Mckitterick show ‘the marketing concepts which is a balanced work. They presented different aspect of marketing. But still they showed a lot of new ideas that will help the readers (customers) to deeply understand what marketing is.

An organization must learn to think of itself not as producing goods or services but as doing the things that will make people want to do business with it. This will help the organization grow not in a myopic view.

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Marketing: Kotler and McKitterick ideas.

As my marketing class goes by, I learned a lot about marketing. New ideas, knowledge and information are earned. But what I need now is wisdom so let me try on this one. My latest topic on this blog is to compare the works of Kotler and McKitterick.

As what Kotler have said in his article, Marketing is a relevant discipline for all organizations insofar as all organizations can be said to have customers and products. His article states that marketing can be applied to all problems as long as there is a customer and product. He had presented the Generic Marketing.

The new concept of marketing has been presented to us by McKitterick. He presented the Marketing Management concept. As what he have said, “The principal task of the marketing function in a management concept is not so much to be skillful in making the customer do what suits the interests of the business as to be skillful in conceiving and then making the business do what suits the interests of the customer.”

They both presented a new idea on marketing that let our minds travel in different ways. Even if in some way they are confusing but the bottom-line is that they have new ideas and concepts about marketing that can help us on our problems.

Knowing their different concepts made me realized that marketing has been known for a long time that many concepts had been made by many good authors and good marketers. What is Marketing? Well, I am excited for the next article for new ideas. McKitterickMcKitterick

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Facing Family Planning Foundation in a Marketers point of viewFacing Family Planning Foundation in a Marketers point of view

As what Philip Kotler has said, “Marketing is a relevant discipline for all organizations insofar as all organizations can be said to have customers and products”. I will include in here a specific example of marketing. This example would be a Family planning Foundation. The Family planning foundation is very visible and very controversial nowadays because of the REPUBLIC HEALTH BILL issue. Their marketing concerns organization that attempts to relate to customers and other public.

In a marketers’ point of view, having that kind of publicity will not have a big negative effect on their marketing strategies. However this publicity will let the public know their product and objectives. And this will be a kind of advertisement. Billboards, TV commercials and other advertisements help the public know their product.

This foundation has their product which is birth control and their customer, the fertile public. The products that they offer may be in commercial products like condoms and other stuffs but their main product is to lessen the population on our country. As we all know the target market of Family Planning Foundation is the fertile public, which means that they are the one responsible or aware on their sexual life.

Kotler also stated the major analytical tasks, major planning tasks and major organizational tasks. I believe that the foundation have this majors. They pick the products and customers well. They have the product development, pricing, distribution and promotion. The foundations have shown such characteristics of a great marketer.

This proves that Family Planning foundation is a generic market. Kotler have mentioned that ‘Generic marketing is logic available to all organizations facing problems of market response’. The problem or issues on Family Planning Foundation made me think that this problem is not a threat to its market. Thus, it is a stronger side of it.

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